Breakfast, Dinner & Bar

Our breakfast includes the finest delicacies we have prepared for you, using top quality ingredients. We offer various Istrian and Croatian specialties like Istrian Prosciutto, Slavonian Kulen, rich cheeses offer (Cow cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, mixed cheese, cheese with truffles, olives, spicy cow cheese etc.), homemade fish pate, canapés, popular Croatian sauce – Ajvar and other seasonal foods.

You can enjoy your breakfast on the outdoor terrace near the pool or indoor in the breakfast area with a beautiful view on the pool. Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 10.30 am or at any other time upon request.

In the afternoon you can sunbathe and relax near the pool while enjoying various cocktails, national beers, local vines and seasonal fruits. The terrace within the bar is very spacious so it's ideal for families with kids and as well for couples.

It's possible to have dinner on request (for extra charge).
For dinner, a fish or meat menu with side dishes or a vege menu awaits you. The fish menu offers quality, fresh seasonal fish, depending on the catch of the day.