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Kamenjak is sure to please cyclists, divers and photograpers. People interested in local flora are sure to be interested. For those who are looking for adventure the underwater world around Rt
Kamenjak is the right one. Find out more on Kamenjak on this link.


The most interesting dive sites are located in the area of Rt Kamenjak,Rt Marlera and the way up to Pula. Legendary shipwrecks, breathtaking underwater caves and interesting
drop-offs invite you for an unforgettable diving experience.


In most cases shipwrecks have a story to tell, and quite often they are historically important. That is why they are particular favourites with professional and recreational divers. Divers are most
frequently interested in shipwrecks found further away from the coast, and which generally aren’t in the shallows. Precisely for that reason, divers need to pay attention to a few important things while going for a wreck dive.
There is a Vis wreck nearby. Let’s explore it together!
Guests have the option to store their diving gear in the hotel while staying there.

BIKING ON KAMENJAK – Explore Kamenjak on Bike

The bike trails of Lower and Upper Kamenjak are very popular in whole Istrian peninsula. Several thousand cyclists come on Kamenjak every year and enjoy biking enclosed by the natural beauty
of Kamenjak. International sporting competietions in mountain biking are held here such as Alpe-Adria Cup as well numerous recreational races. The most interesting activity is Full Moon bike
ride, held at night at full moon in the summer months & Kamenjak Rocky Trails. The Full moon race is organized by a sport club “Adrenalina” with the support if the Public
Institution of Kamenjak.


The entire area of Kamenjak is a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Becuse its special climate and geographical position, the water area of Kamenjak is exposed to winds from all
directions, especially during summer months with easterly and westerly winds regularly alternating so that sufres can enjoy surfing throughout the daytime. During the autumn, southerly
wind such as Jugo are ideal for windsurfing. Its exactly on Kamenjak that have been listed among the most popular destination for windsurfing lovers in Europe.

The most famous happening on Kamenjak, due to windsurfing, was a european championship of windsurfing “Hallowind”. Because the configuration of the Kamenjak coast and seaside, the
surfing locations are safe and easily accessible. Every year in October or November, Kamenjak is the host of the FREESTYLE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP for kids and youth.